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Pole Attachments - Construction Standards


Effective Date: __________, 20__

Application Fee (non-refundable)
(One-time fee)
$5,000 first time new application $2,000 subsequent application for major expansion in same city or in a new city, assuming there are no contract changes
Annual  Bundled Rate $     30.00     /pole per year
Pole Attachment Rental Rate current CATV rental rate as calculated annually in accordance with FCC formula
Periodic Inspection Fee Cost plus standard markup
Rental Fee for Unauthorized Attachment  $      35.00     /pole
Penalty Fee for Unauthorized Attachment  $      35.00     /pole per year since last inventory or date of contract whichever is the most recent
Transfer of Attachments from old facility to new facility for non-severed cable Included in Bundled Rate Pole Rental Rate or at Licensee's expense
Right of Way Maintenance Included in Bundled Rate Pole Rental Rate or at Licensee's expense
Restoration of service if cable not damaged  Included in Bundled Rate Pole Rental Rate or at Licensee's expense
Rearrangement of Facilities consisting of one secondary and one service Make Ready on a non-replacement pole. Cost for any additional services on a pole or a pole replacement cost will be the Licensor's Distribution Information System estimate for that pole or additional work. $100.00 per accessible pole (includes $50. engineering fee)

$200.00 per non-accessible pole (includes $50. engineering fee)
Licensee's not on bundled rate will pay Licensor for return trip to job site for Licensor crew to remove a pole being replaced which was originally left at the job site because of Licensee's attachments not being removed. $60.00 per pole
Removal of Licensee Facilities Estimated cost for the specific facilities to be removed
Conduit Occupancy $5.00 per ft. per yr.
Other $________

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