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Termination of Permits

(a) Upon written notice from Licensor to Licensee that the use of any facility is no longer available for occupancy pursuant to this Agreement, the permit covering the use of such facility shall immediately terminate and Licensee shall remove, within thirty (30) calendar days or other reasonable period agreed upon by the Licensor and Licensee, its attachments from the affected facility at Licensee's expense. Upon receipt of written notice, Licensee shall have thirty (30) calendar days to propose an alternative location for its attachment. Upon agreement of the Licensee and Licensor such attachment shall be moved to the alternative location as an authorized attachment. If, after notice to remove is given, Licensee fails to remove its facilities within thirty (30) calendar days, Licensor shall proceed with the removal with no liability or repercussion from Licensee for damage that Licensee might sustain. Costs associated with removal by Licensor shall be borne by Licensee in accordance with Exhibit D.

(b) Licensee may at any time request removal of its attachments from any facility of Licensor, and shall immediately give Licensor written notice of such removal in the form of Exhibit B, hereto attached and made a part hereof. No refund of any rental or other fees or costs will be made upon removal. If Licensee surrenders its permit pursuant to the provisions of this Article, but fails to remove Licensee's attachments from Licensor's facilities within thirty (30) days thereafter, Licensor shall have the right to remove Licensee's attachments at Licensee's expense and without any liability on the part of Licensor for damage or injury to Licensee's facilities, and Licensee shall indemnify and hold Licensor harmless for claims and demands of third parties arising out of such removal in accordance with Article 18. If Licensee's attachments are removed by Licensor as provided by this Article, Licensor may dispose of such attachments at its discretion without the permission of and with no obligation to Licensee. In the event that Licensee's attachments shall be removed from any facility as provided by this Article, no attachment shall again be made to such facility unless Licensee shall have first complied with all of the provisions of this Agreement as though no such attachment had previously been made.

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