Establishing New Electric Service at a New Location: Guidelines for Houses and Manufactured Homes

These guidelines are provided to help guide you through the process for obtaining electric service for a newly constructed home or a relocated manufactured home in Entergy’s service area. They specify the information that you need to have when applying for service and provide you answers to specific questions that you may have. To help speed up the process please have all the necessary information at the time you call 1-800-ENTERGY.

Step 1 – Provide Required Information. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

• Valid street address. We prefer a “911” home or manufactured home street address issued by the local authority. If the home is built in a new subdivision, please provide the lot and block number as well. In cases where the “911” address is not issued, provide a good description of how we can locate the property. Entergy will set up your service and wait for the receipt of the “911” address assignment. You will need to call us again when the address is permanently assigned so that we may update our records.

Note: Make sure the address is visibly posted on the site or it could delay the service installation. Normally, you can post it on a mailbox or a sign in the yard.

• Mailing address (if your mailing address is different from the street address supplied above).

• Name that you intend to register your electric service. The requirements are:

• The person must be at least 18 years of age.

• Entergy will check with a national credit agency to determine if a deposit is necessary. If a deposit is required, it will appear on your first month's bill. Click here for the deposit amount.

• You will be asked to provide the following identification information on the individual in whose name your service is to be placed.

• Drivers license number and state of issue

• Social Security number

• Date of birth

• Employer.

• Daytime telephone number or a contact person (to reach you should a question arise concerning your service or location). If we cannot reach you your service may be delayed.

• Directions to the property including directional street address (e.g., South Main or North Main Street).

• What size of electric service do you require? (100, 200, etc. amp service).

• Is the electrical service classified underground  or overhead?

• Is lot cleared of debris?

Step 2 – Determine Electric Service Requirements.

• Is your request for temporary or permanent electric service?

• Has the temporary pole been set at your location?

• Is the meter base set and ready for service?

Permanent Service

Overhead service

• Is the transformer within 200 feet of the meter?

• Is the service pole on the same side of the road and within 75 feet of the meter?

• Can Entergy run its line without going over trees or the building structure?

• If a lot, is there a house on either side of the lot?

Underground service

For Entergy requirements click here.

  • Will the underground service feed from an overhead or underground service point?

  • Has the permanent underground service wire been set? Does it meet Entergy requirements?

  • Is the meter loop

    • within 200 feet by the path it will travel of an established source (transformer or pole)?
    • on the same customer’s property?
    • a single meter only?
  • Is the main breaker in the panel 200 amps or less?

  • Is the service 120/240 single phase?

If not, consult the company (1-800-ENTERGY).

  • Will you or Entergy trench the premises and lay the underground conduit? If you are providing the trench you must meet Entergy requirements and ensure the pull string is pulled through the conduit. The standard is company provided cable (consult the company).

  • For a lot, is there a house on either side of the lot?

Step 3 – Review Permit or Approval Requirements

• A permit may be required from your city or county. If so, any required inspections or permits must be made before Entergy can connect your electric service. Entergy must receive the permit or approval from the permitting authority before establishing your service. Entergy will notify you by telephone when we receive your permit or approval.

• For temporary service, most local authorities require that a permit or approval be issued.

• Mississippi requires that manufactured homes have a registration number (like that for your automobile). Entergy is not permitted to turn-on your service without the registration number.

• If a permit is required, Entergy must place a “hold” on your electric service request. When we receive the required permits or approval(s) then we shall notify you by telephone that your permit or approval was received and the scheduled service connection date. Please provide a good telephone number so that we can inform you of the permit or approval receipt and your scheduled service date. Keep in mind that routine service is normally connected within two business days of submitting the request if additional work is not required for design or underground.

Step 4 – Establishing the Electric Service Request – What to Expect

• Provide Entergy at least a three-business day advanced notice for establishing temporary or permanent service to your house or manufactured home if you already have received the required permits or approvals.

• If you have not yet applied for the inspections/permits or approvals and they are required, we must place your new service order on hold until they are received. When received, electric service is normally connected within three business days thereafter, provided that additional work is not required for design or underground. Entergy will notify you by telephone when we receive your permit or approval and provide you the date that we will have services connected. Please provide a good telephone number that we can reach you.

• Connect fees. A small fee may be collected on your first bill to energize your home. The Mississippi Public Utility Commission has authorized a connect fee of $45 plus any applicable taxes.

• If you have also requested installation of one or more Entergy security lights, your electric service may be turned-on prior to the light installation.

Step 5 – Additional Program Options

You are invited to examine our programs online or discuss them with our representatives if you apply for service over the telephone. Once your service is established you can also revisit this website and apply online.

For more information, go to Customer Service FAQs