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The Entergy Solutions Residential Heating and Cooling Program provides a variety of rebates from $100 to $500 per system to encourage homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their air conditioner or heat pump. These rebates represent an important sales opportunity for trade allies who can offer high-quality equipment to their customers. 
How to Participate.

  • Review the Program Overview for Trade Allies.  
  • Fill out and submit the Trade Ally Participation Agreement and upload a copy of your W-9 Form, certificate of Insurance and other documentation, as applicable. 
  • You must receive confirmation of enrollment AND attend a program training session BEFORE you are eligible to submit rebate applications on behalf of your customers.

Program Eligibility.

  • Trade Ally must be registered with and approved by the program before work is completed, must attend program training and must submit the rebate application and all associated documentation on behalf of the customer.
  • The Entergy Mississippi customer's home must be a separately metered single-family unit (detached or attached*) with a central air conditioner or heat pump.
  • The customer applying for a rebate on a qualifying central air conditioner, air source heat pump, ductless mini/multi-split air conditioner or heat pump must be an Entergy Mississippi electric customer.
  • This offer is valid for new construction homes that are built within Entergy Mississippi's service territory and will have electric service provided by Entergy Mississippi.
  • To be processed, rebate applications must be accompanied by both an AHRI certificate and an itemized invoice for the completed work that includes:
    • Full name of the Entergy Mississippi account holder.
    • Premise location where the work was completed.
    • Installation date.
    • Complete description and cost of the work performed.
    • Model and serial numbers of the equipment installed.
    • Trade Ally's company name, address and telephone number.

*Attached units are defined as duplexes, condominiums or townhouses. Multifamily residential units are not eligible.

Promotions and programs available for a limited time and while funds are available.