Coming soon: An electronic web-based tool to submit interconnection applications which will replace the current manual/paper process. This platform will provide an intuitive user experience to guide customers, developers, and Entergy staff through the interconnection process. The tool will allow users to submit their applications, make edits or corrections, monitor the approval statuses, receive utility responses and feedback, and provide reference information for all interconnection regulations and standards.

I. Overview

On December 3, 2015, the Mississippi Public Service Commission issued a final order in Docket No. 2011-AD-2, adopting its Mississippi Renewable Energy Net Metering Rule and Distributed Generation Interconnection Rule. Generally, these rules set out what is required for Entergy Mississippi, LLC customers to install and interconnect a distributed generation system (for example, rooftop solar) and participate in net metering.

We believe our customers should have the choice to self-generate electricity for their own use, have the ability to provide excess energy to the distribution grid and be credited for that on their electric bill. The recently adopted net metering rule provides a new framework for us to provide this option to our customers. View the MPSC’s final order here.

II. Implementation of Net Metering Rules

On August 4, 2016, the Commission approved Entergy Mississippi’s net metering program, explained in the Net Energy Metering Rider Schedule and related Interconnection Applications and Agreements. Entergy Mississippi will begin offering net metering as of August 29, 2016 (the beginning of September 2016 billing).

To apply  to participate in Entergy Mississippi’s net metering program, please complete the appropriate Interconnection Application and Agreement below and return it to Entergy Mississippi, Attention: Customer Service Support M-ELEC-5A, P.O. Box 1640, Jackson, MS 39215-1640, or send a scanned copy via email to  Once your documentation is received and approved, the necessary changes to your account will be made in order for you to participate in our net metering program.

For residential customers and commercial customers whose planned Distributed Generation Facility (“DGF”) will be 20 kW or less, please complete the following:

For non-residential customers whose planned DGF will be between 20 kW and 500 kW, please complete the following:

For non-residential customers whose planned DGF will be larger than 500 kW, please complete the following:

For more information about the requirements to participate in the net metering program or other non-net metering questions, see the relevant rules of the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

If you have any questions regarding net metering, contact us here.