If you have received an estimated bill and are not sure why, you should contact the Irrigation Customer Service Desk at 1-800-324-4709. If you have received an estimated bill due to an access issue preventing our Meter Reading department from reading your meter, please contact our Meter Reading department online by clicking here. If you are not aware of any access issues, we may be having trouble reading your meter due to the utility breaker being turned off; creating a blank meter display. There is a customer side breaker located below the meter or in the breaker box that should be used instead of using the utility side breaker. Using the customer side breaker will allow you to protect your equipment and will also allow us to obtain a monthly meter reading and reset the demand on the meter. Our meter readers are not allowed to turn the utility breaker on and off so we must rely on our customers to leave this breaker in the ON position.

Below is an example of where the utility and customer breakers are located on most meter loops.